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There is a global need to reduce reliance upon fossil fuels. 

Gasification has long been recognised as the best environmentally friendly technique to convert biomass into a gas with a similar composition to that of natural gas.

Organic compounds will, if heated in a controlled atmosphere, break down into lower molecular weight compounds, changing physical form as their molecular weight decreases.  Within this reaction, organic solids will be converted first into liquids and then into gases.  If the breakdown reactions were allowed to go to completion, the end products would be Hydrogen and Carbon.

Hudol Limited has now fully developed and patented a technique that allows cost efficient gas production from biomass and Refuse derived Fuels (RDF).

The process also allows removal of organic compounds from oily sludge and contaminated soils.

The nature of the reaction is complex but is predominantly controlled by and dependent upon: -

  • Physical form and chemical composition of the input material;
  • Temperature and temperature gradient;
  • Retention time at the elevated temperature.

The Hudol process has been developed to provide a robust and easily controllable method of manipulating these parameters to provide the customer with gas that can then be utilised in the same way as natural gas.

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